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General info and list of exchanges for Paymon (PMNT)

What is Paymon? Conversion and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies in only 2 clicks. Advanced encryption system. Ability to communicate with others. Unique game platform. Who is Paymon for? For those who want to transfer money to friends and relatives anywhere in the world. For those are fed up with the current banking system. For those do not want to pay fees to the intermediary parties. What is Bitcoin? Decentralised currency (a currency which is not managed by any single bank, company or state, allowing complete anonymity of users' transactions). Anonymous system (data is encrypted with the help of blockchain). A currency that is not limited by just one country, it can be used anywhere in the world. How is Paymon different from other payment systems? Paymon is operating on a blockchain system, it works only with cryptocurrencies. You can convert cryptocurrencies to fiat. You can exchange cryptocurrencies with people from all over the world. Anyone can use Paymon platform. Paymon is a user-friendly platform. Are there any commissions? In each transaction you are the one to set the commission. The higher it is, the faster is the transaction. This feature is available only for Bitcoin transfers.
Bitcoin: - The recommended minimum commission for Bitcoins transfers is 0.0005 BTC.
Ethereum: - The Commission depends on the network load and is not usually more than 525000 Gwei (~0.18$)
How to conduct a transaction? Paymon creates a Bitcoin wallet attached to your personal account automatically, once you register in the system. You can also create an Ethereum wallet or restore it from the backup copy. These wallets are in the Blockchain system and only you have access to them. The added fiat funds are automatically converted to cryptocurrency. In order to conduct a transaction, you need to go to the “Money” tab in our application, then enter a wallet’s address. Or you can simply find the user in your contacts list and press “Transfer” in the dialog window. Addition and Withdrawal. Important!
Please do not add or withdraw funds in any ways other those that are in Paymon. Conducting such operations through intermediaries might cause you substantial losses. In order to add funds, you need to go to the “Money” tab in our application and click “Add”. Thus to withdraw click “Withdraw”. Commission is individual for each transaction. Who will have access to my personal information and wallets? Only you Can I add already existing cryptowallets? You cannot have two of the same cryptocurrency wallets, but you can add other wallets. - JSON format for Ethereum.
How to make a wallet cold? What is a cold wallet? This feature is not available for Bitcoin wallets. You can make a backup copy of the Ethereum wallet and then “delete” it. Thus making it cold. With the help of a cold wallet you will be able to keep cryptocurrency on physical carriers. They don’t have access to the Internet, which means that hackers won’t be able to reach it.
What makes the correspondence secure? We use our own Protocol in the application. All traffic is encrypted with Diffie-Hellman and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) using SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm). All correspondence is encrypted with RSA-2048.
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